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Welcome to Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple/ Sri Venkateswara Temple. Thank you for supporting the activities and charity programs offered. You may create a donation account, or be a guest.

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    Sandwich Seva Temple Support Annual Abhishekam and Archana
    Sandwich Seva Temple SupportAnnual Abhishekam and Archana

    Sandwiches are provided to the poor and homeless every Sunday.

    Due to the impact of Corona Virus, the temple needs funds to support overhead costs, support priests & housing, and other costs. Priests continue to do daily Pujas, while the temple is closed. Generous Donations are appreciated.

    Have Abhishekam performed in your family names for your chosen Diety for one year.
    Priest will include your names & Gotram for all Blessings.




    Brahmotsavam Annadanam Gold Sponsor Individual Homas  - June 12 to June 17
    Brahmotsavam AnnadanamGold SponsorIndividual Homas - June 12 to June 17

    Annadanam in India

    Gold Sponsor (All Days Events – including Kalyanam & Havans)

    Homas durining Bramhotsavam




    One Day Sponsor Sri Pushpa Yagam
    One Day SponsorSri Pushpa Yagam

    Sponsors Participate in all pujas, for a single day.

    Pushpa Yagam Flowers Sponsor 



    Thank you for your donations to support the temple and the charity programs.
    Jai Sai Ram.